Image of girl by Karen Noles
  1. Understanding Diabetes: This session deals with establishing a basic understanding of the disease, and what causes it. We discuss details such as common symptoms and what body systems are affected. We end by asking the question, what can we do about it?
  2. Managing Diabetes: We begin by stating that you can manage diabetes. We discuss in detail the benefits of exercise, proper diet, ideal weight, stopping tobacco and alcohol use, and drinking plenty of pure water. We encourage the viewers to choose to live a healthful lifestyle.
  3. Managing Your Weight: We discuss the problem of obesity and that it may lead to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and other serious health problems. We include simple, practical ways to control weight, such as, eating a good breakfast and following a regular exercise program.
  4. Freedom From Smoking: We review smoking, chewing and snuff and associated problems such as cancers, emphysema, and more. We outline 12 simple steps to quitting, and then give a specific itemized schedule for the first 5 days of freedom from smoking.
  5. Freedom From Alcohol: We begin this session by talking about the cost to our families, our communities and our culture as a result of alcohol abuse. We use an acrostic, NEW START, to help the participants into their new lifestyle.
  6. Keep Your Heart Healthy: In this session we state the seriousness of heart disease and that it is the leading cause of death in the US & Canada and also among Native people. We outline five practical ways to fight heart disease.
  7. Understanding Cancer: In a simple and understandable manner, we discuss what cancer is, and we list eight risk factors which may lead to cancer. We talk about cancer symptoms, prevention and we promote living a healthful lifestyle by following NEW START.
  8. Understanding Suicide: We compassionately talk about why people decide on suicide, ways of helping someone who is suffering with depression and list warning signs. We discuss helping strategies, community wellbeing, and encourage everyone with hope.
  9. Behavioral Addictions: We talk about how to identify these behaviors and how to successfully change habit patterns and desires in order to gain control of our lives again.
  10. Understanding Domestic Violence: We discuss the context of domestic violence and that it is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44, especially Native women. We talk about how to get help and encourage people to respect, love and honor one another.
  11. Sexuality and Your Health: We deal with this subject with sensitivity and respect to our Great Creator and His guiding principles. We discuss both healthy, enriching relationships as well as diseases that may result from the misuse of this special gift.
  12. Understanding Oral Health: We discuss why more and more researchers now agree that oral health is essential for our overall wellness and general health, including not only our physical health, but also our social and mental wellbeing.
  13. The Balance of Life: We end the series by talking about the importance of keeping your Mind, Body and Spirit healthy. It has been an important part of our Native tradition and culture for centuries to seek the balance or harmony of life.